ShowGuide Issue with DiagramStudio

Hello Every Body
While reading in the manual, I noticed the attached figure when mentioning ShowGuide use for Arrow.
Is it really possible to draw a such line with text inside as described with one DiagramLine? if yes then How??
Thanks in advance

This is the code you should use to accomplish that:

  Line.SourceArrow.ShowGuide := True;
  Line.SourceArrow.Shape := asSolidArrow;

  Line.TargetArrow.ShowGuide := True;
  Line.TargetArrow.Shape := asSolidArrow;

  Line.CenterTextCellOffset := 0;

  Line.DefaultTextCell.Text := '120 cm';
  Line.DefaultTextCell.CellFrame.AutoFrame := True;
  Line.DefaultTextCell.CellFrame.Pen.Style := psClear;
  Line.DefaultTextCell.CellFrame.Brush.Style := bsSolid;
  Line.DefaultTextCell.CellFrame.Brush.Color := atDiagram1.Color;
  Line.DefaultTextCell.CellFrame.Visible := True;
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