Short question concerning PlannerWaitlist

Good evening,

some of my TPlannerWaitlist-Items got a blue double arrow in the upper right corner of their caption.
Since I couldnt find any informationen about them I would like to ask what 
they are about and whether I can make them disappear.

The only reason I can see is that you used an imagelist with the TPlannerWaitList and that you set the image for an item via TPlannerItem.ImageID?

the TPlannerWaitList is not connected to an Imagelist and no TPlannerItem in the WaitList has got an ImageID.
Not all Items got those double-up-chevrons, but I am struggling to find a pattern.

What exactly are those chevrons signaling? They are definitely part of the component, yet I couldn´t find any clue to what they are for.
Basically they look like ' ^ ', just two of them above each other and blue. They are located in top right corner of the item.

Can you try to see if it helps to set

 PlannerItem.BeginOffset := 0; 
 PlannerItem.EndOffset := 0;


after doing so the chevrons are gone.
Could you perhaps tell me just for the record, what exactly this was about, so that I understand what the chevrons are being used for?

Thank you very much!

These are indicators that the item extends to the period before or after the displayed time axis.
I suspect these items were coming from a Planner where this time axis is relevant while it isn't in a TPlannerWaitList?

Basically something like that, which makes perfect sense then.

Thank you.