Sharing Subscription Manager Downloads


I have the All Access, which I install on both my desktop and laptop.

But I am not able to only download packages once. I need to download packages once on my desktop and once on my laptop, and this can take a long time, as my internet connection is an old ADSL one.

I have tried to synchronize the folders "C:\Users\MY_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\tmssoftware" between laptop and desktop, but when I launch the Subscription Manager, it does not realize that there are new files and it still requires to to re-download them.

Is there a workaround ?

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TMS Subscription Manager stores the version info of what it downloaded in the registry.
You can see these entries under

So, you would need to copy this registry key also

Hi Bruno,

Thank you fr your response, but difficult to automate.

I see there is a setup.exe in each folder.
If I launch it manually, will it notice the latest downloaded file in the folder ?
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The product setup.exe is under

You can also manually launch it from there.

It would be handy to have an import function in the Subscription Manager
so that a file already downloaded on another PC could be used.