SetFocus to WebCheckBox or WebDBCheckBox

When a TWebCheckBox.SetFocus event executes, the actual box in the component should toggle. It does not because the checkbox area has focus, not the actual checkbox.  Users must hit the tab key twice before the value can be changed.  A single tab should take the user to the next component.

I tested the behavior in VCL and Elevate Web Builder.  Behavior is as expected in both. Initial focus allows the value in the first checkbox to change.

Can you provide a solution to this issue?

Environment:  Web Core 1/14/2020, latest chrome browser in Windows 10 Pro.

Steps to Duplicate:
Create a new TMS Web Application.
Drop three TWebCheckbox components on the form.
In the form's OnShow event:  CheckBox1.SetFocus;
Run the program.

Without using the mouse:
The space bar will not toggle WebCheckbox1 because focus is set to the component as a whole and not to the actual checkbox.
Hit the tab key.
Now you are in the actual checkbox and can toggle the value.
From this point on, the Tab behavior is correct although the form will lose focus outside the WebForm.

You must hit the tab key twice to be able to change the value of the first checkbox.
Afterward, hitting the tab key follows this sequence:
Browser downloaded files
Browser downloads open arrow
Browser downloads Show All button
Browser downloads X
Browser view sites information
Browser URL entry area

You must initially hit the tab key twice to toggle the value in the checkbox because the focus is not on the actual checkbox.  After the initial problem, the checkbox does receive focus when moving forward or backwards through the components.

Further Information
You can easily create a  Windows VCL application using the same steps.
Initial focus allows you to change the value.
Tabs and arrow keys allow navigation through the components.

My users expect to be able to use the arrow keys to navigate between the components.  I don't consider this an Web Core issue as replication of the VCL functionality is possible using events available in the Web Core components.

If you look at the actual tab sequence, you will see focus leaves the web form into the browser.  I do not consider this an issue, but it is not always apparent where focus has gone.  I have documented the actual sequence above.

We have applied an improvement that will be in the next update