Set RotationCenter of a Group

I would like to set the RotationCenter of a group to match the RotationCenter of the main block in a group of blocks so that the secondary blocks rotate around the main block, not the center of the group. However it appears that this property is read only for the Group (which means it is always 50, 50). Is there a way to change this or some other method to rotate a group around a particular point?

You can set the rotation center of a group block just as the same way as any other block. Here is a small example that sets the center to 20% of width and height of the group:

  atDiagram1.Selecteds[0].MasterGroup.RotationCenter := Dot(20, 20);

The mistake I made was to try to set the X & Y individually:
atDiagram1.Selecteds[0].MasterGroup.RotationCenter.x := 20; atDiagram1.Selecteds[0].MasterGroup.RotationCenter.y := 20;

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