Set ObjectList via Cursor --> insert/edit fails

Given this:
   Cursor := Manager.Find<TSoftware>.Open;

a subsequent

  adsTest.FieldByName('description').AsString := 'Adobe';

Fails with "Dataset not in insert or edit mode".

Shouldn?t this work the same way as if I used

  Software := Manager.Find<TSoftware>.List;

tx Bernd

Yes, it should. I did a small quick test here, and it's working. Please provide more details, or try to isolate the problem, as there might other parts of code that may be affecting this.

The dataset is bound to a FNCGrid.

I sent you a sample already. In the OnCreate event of the form I have a if false then else wich toggles the source for the dataset. Set this to true, run the app and press the "insert rows" button.

If you need more info, let me know.

tx Bernd

Hi Bernd, We have sent you a patch that should fix all the problems.