Set global headers for TWebClientConnection

Im trying to set the JWT token in my TWebClientConnection which I have at least 25 of them.

I want to be able to set 1 header globally for all those request since the Bearer token will always be the same across them.

Note: i saw it was possible with the TXDataClient which I am not using.

So, you call 25 times to add a header of the type 'Bearer'?
If so, what exactly is going wrong?

I havent implemented it yet, because I dont want to repeat the add header 25 times by using the BeforeConnect Event, instead, I want to set it once and update the header only when the Bearer is invalidated, because since im using the same service on my XData server side.

If you have 25 TWebClientConnection instances and use each of the 25 ones, I see no other way than to add the JWT to all instances you are using.

So there is no actual way to bulk set the headers?

No, unless you do it in your application code and you loop over all form components, check if it is a TWebClientConnection and if so, set the header.