Server to server sync Office 365 calendar

I need to create a server to server sync between our database that contains a calendar for the different users and the individual Office 365 calenders of the different users.

So this is from our database to several Office 365 calendars in both ways.
This is something that should run in the background each half an hour or so to sync data without user interaction.

Can this be accomplished with the cloud components of TMS?



TMS FNC Cloud Pack provides access to the Microsoft Oultook Calendar API which should also work to access the Office 365 calendar.
I'm not sure if it will be possible to access the the calendars of the different users, this will depend on the permissions available to the authenticated user. Or possibly you'll have to authenticate for each user individually.
Note that a one time user interaction is required to retrieve an access token. As long as a valid access token is available, no user interaction is required.

It is recommended to use the trial version to find out if this product meets your requirements.
The trial version can be downloaded from the TMS FNC Cloud Pack product page: