All other series. attibutes appear to work fine in runtime however when I try the following
DBAdvGDIPChartView1.Panes[0].Series.SerieValuesTotal := true;
I get undeclared identifier : 'SerieValuesTotal'
Why would that be?

Because the property is named SerieValueTotals

Thanks, thought I was going mad. Your Dev Guide has this as 'SerieValuesTotal'

Can you point out which page in the Guide ?

Sure page 26

Thanks, we have now corrected this and the next version will have this fixed.

Kind Regards, 


Your quick replies are greatly appreciated.

Another related question. 

I have found that depending on the value of the 'SeriesValueTotal' the displayed number can overlap. (Usually when the value is a small number)
Is there a way of either :
a) Only displaying the value of the final total of all series or 
b) selectively displaying a value depending on parameters in my code?

Currently this is not possible but it is a good suggestion to add these capabilities. We'll consider this for a future update.