Serializer to slow on Android

the serializer is to slow on Android, almost 4 seconds, just for create

uses Aurelius.Json.DataSnap;
   FSerializer := TDataSnapJsonSerializer.Create; // almost 4 seconds


There is not much code in it that could be slowing down the process, unless the fact it uses the mapping explorer. Can you check if:

a) Create another instance for the second time is also slow
b) If it's also slow while running without debugging.

Hi, Wagner
1-  FSerializer := TDataSnapJsonSerializer.Create;  //almost 4 seconds
     FSerializer2 := TDataSnapJsonSerializer.Create;// almost 0 seconds 
2- FSerializer := TDataSnapJsonSerializer.Create;  //almost 4 seconds
    FSerializer := TDataSnapJsonSerializer.Create;// almost 0 seconds 

Runing without debugging has no significant influence

So it seems it's just some initialization process that later is not executed in further creation of serializer. Do you have too many classes? Have you tried reduce the number of classes, either by changing source code or by creating a new map setup/explorer with fewer classes just to see if time is reduced?

Hi, Wagner
with many classes or none is almost the same (+-4 seconds).

That's very strange. Would you mind trying to debug, stepping over Aurelius source code, so see if you find the line(s) which take the most time?