Sequences in Entity Generation

I have just submitted a feature request, but now I wonder if I have missed something. The request is

2850: Sequences when reversing from an existing database
Requested for **[TMS Aurelius](**

In many databases (usually Firebird) I use a single generator for all tables.
It would be great if the Aurelius Entity Generation tool allowed you to set a default Generator for all entities or even set a specific generator on an entity by entity basis for instances where the generators do not match the table name.
Even the ability to ignore EMissingSequenceError would be useful as it would allow the generation of the entities and the generator could be added manually afterwards.

Is this already there and I have just missed it?

This is already possible from TMS Data Modeler, there is an option to ignore missing sequences.

Ok, thanks.

It would still be useful in the Aurelius Connection, and a default sequence to us would be a nice addition.

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