Sending Email


How can I send an email from the server?



That is server code, not something that happens in the TMS WEB Core web client application. So, this depends on what server you use, what server code, ... IIS has already email sending functionality for example.  

Can you please give me an example of how to do this. Testing is Windows but production is on a CentOS box.

As explained, this is server side code, NOT TMS WEB Core web client code.

I do not have a ready to use example.
Here is info for doing this from IIS
We have not used or looked at CentOS here, so we are not familiar with it.

Thanks, Can I call a PHP function from within Web Core?

Not directly. Your web client is running in the browser, your PHP code is running on the server.
You can via a HTTP request from web client to web server, trigger the PHP code on the server.