Selecting multiple images

Is it possible to set the ImagePickerController to select multiple images? Sample snippet available somewhere?

Sorry, this is not possible, the UIImagePickerController is only capable of picking one image at a time.

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Is there any plans to support this? I have seen a few xcode samples so it must be possible. Shall I add a feature request?

The UIImagePickerController doesn't support this out of the box. It can be done, but it needs a complete redesign with a custom class. Perhaps you can show us the xcode samples that uses the UIImagePickerController class to accomplish this?

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I got hold of these two xcode projects:

Hope this helps.

Yes, but these project do not use the UIImagePickerController class. If multi-select support needs to be added, we need create a custom image picker controller. If you wish, you can add this on the feature request list but we will need to allocate time for this to investigate if this is technically possible in FireMonkey.

Ah ok I suspected that much, Please do add it as I also think other customers may like it. 

The business case scenario for us is: The client wants an app that will upload his images to a different online storage. Selecting multiple albums and or images just simply makes sense, and the user experience will be much better.

feasibility on adding this will be for TMS to decide. Thanks