Selectable Multi-Line Buttons or Labels?

I am looking for the ability to have a button or a selectable rectangle/label (with hot colors) with multi-line text where each line can be formatted differently.  Sort of like the image below.  This is a screen shot of settings from an Android phone.  Can any of the TMS Intraweb object be configured in such a way?

Thanks, Bruno!


You could use a HTMLabel where you can fully define the contents of the label (including multiline text / different font)

via HTML tags.
We're also working on a similar list control that will be in a new product for IntraWeb.

Hi Bruno,

Yes, I tried the HTLM label approach...a number of times  Problem is, what was displayed on the screen during development is not what I got on the screen when actually running the application.  The text in the HTML label was much larger (by a good margin) than what was designed. 
Have no idea what's going on here.

Unfortunately the design-time rendering is only a simulation of what the content looks like when it's rendered in a browser.

Can you please try placing the following HTML in your HTMLLabel?
<span style="font-size:14pt">HTML Label</span><br><FONT color="#00FFFF">Multiple Lines</FONT>

That appeared to work a bit better.  See image below.  The HTML code I was using was created by the HTML editor invoked by a double-click on the HTML Label.  All I did was enter the text, then select the color and size of each section, adding a line break. 

This is what appeared in your HTML editor when I formatted the text similar to what I had tested earlier.
<FONT size="12"><FONT color="#FFFFFF">HMTL Label Test</FONT></FONT><BR><FONT color="#00FFFF">Multiple Lines</FONT>

What is not what you expect in this screenshot?

The screen shot is what I was expecting, but it took HTML code by Bart to get it to format during execution the way I expected.  The code which I posted in my last post was copied out of your HTML editor.  That is the code which was generating text which I was not expecting.  Hope that clarifies the issues.