Search Wraps When it Should nt

In both Advmemofinddialog and the Advmemofindreplacedialog, unexpected results are obtained when Wrap at end of file = false and the last instance of a search term is found. Specifically, after the "end of file" message, clicking the Find button again cause the search to restart at the top of the file. It would be more typical for the cursor to remain just past the last instance found and for the end of file message to be shown each time the Find button is clicked. '

Could you fix this in both the finddialog and the findreplacedialog?

Thank you!

I'm sorry but this problem description is not clear.
You mention that 'wrap at end of file' = false, but in that case, pressing Find again after it found the last entry will not restart from the beginning of the file. Also with 'wrap at end of file' = true, I could not really see an issue?