Search/Lookup in TAdvTreeView

The documentation to TAdvTreeView says "Additionally, when typing alphanumeric characters, the
treeview will optionally search for the node that matches the lookup string and navigate to
that node. To enable this feature, you need to set the Interaction.Lookup.Enabled property to

have set the property Lookup.Enabled to true, but nothing happens when I
type characters. Is there anything else I have to configure?

Lookup works as expected here. Can you specify in which circumstances you can reproduce the issue?

I tried it with the demo project in \TMS Component Pack\Demos\AdvTreeView\Overview

Maybe I have not yet understood how to activate the lookup in the demo (in the application, not in the source code). How do I have to type the text?

You can select the first item, and then start typing.

I now have installed version of TMS Component pack and compiled
the demo ( \TMS Component Pack\Demos\AdvTreeView\Overview). When I start
the demo, the "Birthday shopping list" appears. I select the first item
("Decoration") and type (e.g. "cake") but there is no reaction in the
application. What do I wrong?

There are 2 cake entries, and one of them is extended, but not selectable. Try typing a different word in a node that is selectable.