Search and Highlight in AdvStringGrid

How can I search through an AdvStringGrid and highlight every occurrence of a string?



TAdvStringGrid has a built-in search pane. The search pane is set visible with setting SearchFooter.Visible = true
See page 128 in the pdf developers guide:

Hi Nancy.

I was thinking of doing this by code.

Perhaps the search pane can be used while hidden?


See calls

    function HilightText(DoCase: Boolean; S,Text: string):string;
    function UnHilightText(S:string):string;
    procedure HilightInCell(DoCase: Boolean; Col,Row: Integer; HiText: string);
    procedure HilightInCol(DoFixed,DoCase: Boolean; Col: Integer; HiText: string);
    procedure HilightInRow(DoFixed,DoCase: Boolean; Row: Integer; HiText: string);
    procedure HilightInGrid(DoFixed,DoCase: Boolean; HiText: string);
    procedure UnHilightInCell(Col,Row: Integer);
    procedure UnHilightInCol(DoFixed: Boolean; Col: Integer);
    procedure UnHilightInRow(DoFixed: Boolean; Row: Integer);
    procedure UnHilightInGrid(DoFixed: Boolean);

that are available for the purpose of highlighting matching text.

Not much in the documentation here...

HilightText: What's S and Text?

Is it correct the  HilightText  Hilights all occurences  in the stringgrid?


It was HighLightInGrid that HighLighted all occurences of a string.