ScrollMenu - with no selection


Is there a way to set the Scroll menu so as no item would be selected at all?
I set SelectedItemIndex to -1 at design time, it worked but when I started the program the first item is always selected.

Thank you very much!

I have retested this here with a default TTMSFMXScrollMenu on the form with the code:

   TMSFMXScrollMenu1.Items.SelectedItemIndex := -1;

in the form's OnCreate event and it starts here without items selected. What are you doing different?

Hello Bruno,

Thank you for the answer.
  • I tried at design time, not with code. Your method works well for the menu items (at first level), thank you.
  • However, I have a  3 "level" menu system. If I click on a menu item then it will automatically select all the first items of the selected item recursively.
What it would be nice to set the menu "not to select" anything on its own.
Imagine this menu:
Phone number
Phone number

In this case if the user clicks on Search/Filter item the Search and Customer would both be selected although the customer still hasn't selected anything at those level. It would confuse him. :-(
Thank you for your help.

It indeed auto selects when new items are shown. We would need to extend the component to optionally disable this specific feature. We will investigate this.

Thank you very much!