Scrolling with different row-heights

I have a TDbAdvgrid with different rowheights (Rich-Text multiline). If I scroll down the rowheights don't scroll correct with the text if I have pagemode=true (I want to edit the text). What's the solution?

Can you please add some more detail what exactly you mean with "don't scroll correct"?

ok, I have i.e. 5 rows in the grid. The first row-height is 10mm, second is 50mm, third is 15mm ...

If I display datarecord 1 to 5 (dataset.First) all is ok. If I click on the vscroll-arrow down to select the next records (2 to 6) the rowheight is fixed, that means first row is 10mm, second 50mm ..., but it should be first row 50mm, second 15mm ...

Thanks for your help, Peter

Don't go on searching the problem, I think I have found the problem in my code, sorry. I'll tell you when it works.