Scrolling in TMSFMXPlanner on Android


I've got a small question with regard to the scrolling-behavior of the TMSFMXPlanner on Android:

I have noticed, that it is significantly more difficult to scroll in the Planner on Android as it is on IOS, namely on Android it happens far more often that multiple cells are selected instead of scrolling.

I've been looking at the component quellcode and found the constant "SCROLLINGDELAY", which has the value 40 for android and 0 for everything else. When I set it on 0 for android too it becomes far easier to scroll and oviously harder to select multiple items, which is okay.

As I am always a bit hesitant to manipulate the quellcode because of the risk of unwanted side-effects and version control, I just wanted to ask if there was maybe an easier approach like for example a property that I could have overlooked.

Changing the SCROLLINGDELAY property is exactly what you need to do to manipulate the scrolling sensitivity. You can safely change that according to your needs.