Scroll to text with TTMSFMXWebBrowser

Sorry but the post "posted itself" blank and I can't find an edit button.

I need to scroll programmatically a TMSFMXBrowser, down to a specific piece of HTML. Is it possible? In VCL, with a regular TWebBrowser I did something like this:

tr:= ((WebBrowser1.Document as IHTMLDocument2).body as IHTMLBodyElement).createTextRange;
while tr.findText(main_selected_metric_title_text, 1, 0) do //while we have result
   tr.pasteHTML('<span style="background-color: yellow;">' + tr.htmlText + '</span>');
Sorry this is currently not possible. Currently only the InnerHTML can be retrieved. We still need to allocate time to add more functionality, which also need to work cross-platform.