Scroll AdvPDFViewer with VerticalScrollBar.Position


I have a document with 4 pages that I scroll on a timer function.

Button.Down start Timer

AdvPDFViewer1.VerticalScrollBar.Position := az_PDFAnz.VerticalScrollBar.Position + 50;

Button.Up Stop Timer

This works until page 3 (1 page before endpage).
Page 4 (last page) is not displayed at first Time until I turn off the timer (Button.Up).

Once the last page is displayed, it always works up to and including the last page.
Repaint, Refresh do not help, also Application.ProcessesMessages.

What could be the reason for this.

(I have make a movie but cannot upload it.)

We are not able to reproduce this issue here. Please provide a sample application demonstrating this

The larger the PDFViewer display the more you see the effect.
When this happens (no display) the blue loading indicator is visible instead of the mouse pointer.

I think it is because the file is not fully loaded into the viewer.
If I then scroll, it has to reload the individual pages and then at some point it doesn't catch up.
Is there any way to tell the viewer to load the whole file before the feedback "loaded"?

For my application that would be nicer. :wink:

I also just integrated the "problem" from the "loaded" into the project.
I solved it now with a bakvalue.

it would be nice if it would trigger the loaded too,
if the same file is already loaded.
Since it is also loaded.

But this is just a thought from me. (430.1 KB)