Scripter studio (pro) and advmemo features request


I noticed that advmemo and also all IDE components in scripter studio pro do not support vcl styles.
For instance, when I use a dark vcl style advmemo and also the ide object inspecto etc. look really ugly.
When you put the standard TValueListEditor or the standard TMemo next to them in the same form it's a world apart.
To be really compatible with Delphi XE2 these controls should adapt (in my opninion) to the vcl styles.
Any change these controls will support vcl styles in the future?
Also a request for scripter:
- support for records (I know, I know. I've read the forum, don't shoot me please :). But I am making this suggestion because there is completely nothing to find for scripter in the development tracker, while I've seen requests about this.

wrt VCL styles:

1) it needs to become more stable & mature, there are now in the standard VCL already many issues
2) demand needs to justify the significant amount of work this requires
3) VCL styles architecture lacks features wrt dealing with complex UI controls, like for example our Planner, Grid, Ribbon
4) we already have our own style mechanism with many Office/Windows styles built-in