Scripter Install failing due to assumed rsvars.bat

Here's the log, with the important stuff bolded. My rsvars.bat is where my XE5 is installed, on a completely different drive and path (e:\rs\bin\rsvars.bat).

************************** INITIALIZING SETUP FOR TMS Scripter v6.2: 08-10-2013 11:14:16 ***********************
**********>> Delphi XE5 <<**********

Successfully copied file d:\src\tms\TMS Scripter\source\packages\xe5\tmsscripter_xe5.dpk to d:\src\tms\TMS Scripter\source\packages\xe5\Copy of tmsscripter_xe5.dpk
Checking dependencies of tmsscripter_xe5 in Delphi XE5.
Adjusting package dependencies. 25, 1
Starting compiling of d:\src\tms\TMS Scripter\source\packages\xe5\tmsscripter_xe5.dproj in Delphi XE5.
Finding Root Path for Delphi Version 25
Root Path not found. Using default root dir
PACKAGE           : d:\src\tms\TMS Scripter\source\packages\xe5\tmsscripter_xe5.dproj
COMPILE PATH      : C:\Users\sean\AppData\Local\Temp\is-4SMGV.tmp\tmsbuild.bat
COMPILE PARAMETERS:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\12.0\bin\rsvars.bat" "d:\src\tms\TMS Scripter\source\packages\xe5\tmsscripter_xe5.dproj" "/target:Build" "/p:config=Debug" "/p:Platform=Win32"

Hi Sean, thank you for reporting.

Yes, it's an installer issue. We will fix that, in the meanwhile you can just open the package group file and build all packages manually from Delphi IDE, then install tmsscripterreg_xe5 package, it should work smoothly.