Scripter : Add TStringList


i need your help please.
I'm in Delphi 2010, i use scripter in the main program and i want to send a TStringList in my scripter.

For instance, for a simple string variable, i'm using :  
- AtScripter1.AddVariable('MyVar',MyVar);

For an object, i'm using : 
-  AtScripter1.AddObject('btnLibre1',btnLibre1);

Please, what is the syntax for a TStringList object ?


AddVariable and AddObject are deprecated. You should use DefineProp to create a "fake" property and return the object/value instance in that variable. You can check how to use DefineProp in documentation, Nevertheless, you could use AddObject the same way, since TStringList is also an object just like btnLibre1.

if you have a specific question, just let me know.