Script sourcecode can not be cleared

When running the demo ScripterProIDE the scripter IDE always starts with this sourcecode :
  Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, Unit2;

  MainForm: TForm2;
  MainForm := TForm2.Create(Application);
I tried to start the project with no source code at all, but I could not manage it so far.
The manual tells me that 'NewProject' clears all existing files and starts with a new empty project.
The sourcecode is still there.
IDEScripter1 has this code
var A, B: string;
  A := 'Hello, ';
  B := 'World!';
  ShowMessage(A + B);
It is obviously never used.
I can clear this source and add new lines programmatically - standard source is still there.

In the example I would not car about it, but in my real project the standard source should never be seen.
Why is it not possible to start the DEMO project with an empty project ?

You have to have at least one unit (script) in your project otherwise the default ones will be created. I don't see a reason why a single, empty unit would be not acceptable instead of a totally empty project since any project only makes sense with a unit. So you can use something like this:


There is indeed no reason why you should not add Default script code.

But there is strong reason to mention this in the Manual.

In the Manual 2.6.1 you write "Use 'NewProject' method. This will clear all existing files in the Project and creating a new blank Project."

What is a blank Project ? I expected one without sourcecode, so the 'NewProject' method seemed to fail, leading to my post.

In Addition, it is not obvious why sourcecode in the IDEScripter is not used at all.

It can be cleared or rewritten - the IDEScripter does not care about it at execute.

NewProject method does clear existing files and thus create a new blank project. It's the IDE (when you use TIDEDialog) that creates the default files if they don't exist. 

The IDE relies on TIDEEngine component to manage its projects and files. There is no concept of "project" in TIDEScripter and in a way, no concept of "units" (you have several scripts in your scripter but those scripts can also be instances of existing forms or debug watch scripts). So there is not a one-to-one relationship between TIDEScripter scripts and TIDEEngine files. That's why it all starts from TIDEEngine and scripter is used as the "low-level" scripting engine.

Thats enough Information for me and I think this case can be closed now, thank you.