Script Library doesn't Reload


I am using C++ Builder and basic scripts.

Using a script to call another script, for the Script-based libraries, it does not appear that my library file gets reloaded after I make edits to it.

I've initialized the script, I've loaded the library, and whenever I make changes to the library, it does not seem to be reloaded.

Where as, when I do the same to the main script, it seems to pick up the changes the next time the script executes.

Hello Gregg, can you please provide the exact code you are using when you refer to those changes and "reloads". I did some tests here and it works fine. Maybe it's something in the way you are doing things?

This is a sample code of what I use, LibraryScript is just a variable that holds a reference to the script you created: 

  if LibraryScript = nil then
    LibraryScript := Scripter.Scripts.Add;
  LibraryScript.SourceCode := ScrMemo1.Lines;

For my code in C++:

Scripter->LibOptions->UseScriptFiles = true;



I think I need to release/delete or cleanup the libraries that the engine is holding, as the Count increases as I continue to run the script using the script library over and over. I do not want to delete the engine if I don't have to.