Saving only part of an Excel workbook


what is the most efficient way to save only the sheets which were used for the current report? Normaly we are delivering an Excel file with a collection of report templates for different purposes. Currently I implemented a logic which stores the sheet names of the sheets which were used for a report, and remove all other sheets out of the workbook before saving it.

Is that the way you would also suggest, or is there any better idea?

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I think deleting the sheets manually should be a good approach in this situation, yes. But delete them before running the report, not before saving them.

I mean, if you have 10 sheets: Sheet1... Sheet10, and you only care about Sheet7, it makes no sense to run the report in the full 10 sheets (basically running all the 10 reports) so then you delete 9 of those. It is better to remove the sheets before running the report, and run it only in Sheet7.

Right, thats what I did, deleting not used sheets, running the report and saving it. I finally found the


method. Now I'm creating a new xls file, copy only the sheets the report is using and then running the report. Result is the same, but somehow I like the copy variant over deleting sheets. Furthermore, deleting a sheet is not possible when the sheet contains a macro.

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