Saving HTML to file, using from server?


can I save the page with generated markers as HTML and use it as a static file from my web server? 
As a second step I'd like to generate and show map from Intraweb app, is that possible? Are you planning IW component for WebGMaps?


- Unfortunately it's currently not supported to export the maps that are displayed in the WebGMaps control.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this feature can be included in a future version.

- Please note that the WebGMaps control is a VCL only control which does not support IntraWeb usage.
We're currently investigating if an IntraWeb version of WebGMaps can be developed.

Thank you, sorry for duplicate requests on Feature request page, I did not notice there are multiple pages and someone else already asked for it...

You can export the map as image though and could embed this (static) image in a HTML page.

Not very useful in my case because I need zoom in, zoom out, street view, etc. Therefore I need the real Google Map.

Sorry, the purpose of the WebGMaps component is to offer mapping capabilities in VCL applications, not standalone HTML pages.