Saving GeoJson data after importing it with LoadGeoJson


Is there a way to access the data that is was in the Feature of a geoJson object after you import it with a LoadGeoJSON function.
In the GeoJson I import hjas,besides polyelements, some interesting data about those elements (for example the size of the area). It would be great if you can still access that data from the polygon.

For now in my sample project instead of using LoadGeoJson, I load them manually and add the Feature JSON part into the DataString of the Polyelement so I can access when clicking on it.

Kind regards,
Michel Engeltjes


Thank you for your suggestion.
An extra event was added to TTMSFNCMaps which allows you to access the extra data for each polyelement added from a GeoJSON file.
This event will be available in a future release of TMS FNC Maps.

Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to seeing the new feature in action.