SaveToXML and preserving spaces

How do I get a TADVSpreadGrid to preserve spaces when using SaveToXML?

Normally I would insert a

If you want to transform the value of cells when you are about to save to file, you can implement the OnSaveCell event and perform the transformation from there via the Value parameter.

That sounded like a good answer, but ... it didn't work. In fact, when I put a breakpoint on the code I added into the OnSaveCell event, it never triggered. The OnLoadCell event triggered, but not the OnSaveCell. Is there anything I could set somewhere that would cause that? I cannot imagine any property that should cause that to happen.

I see this was indeed an issue specific to TAdvSpreadGrid that works fine in its base class TAdvStringGrid. I have fixed this in TAdvSpreadGrid as well. The next update will address this.

ok, thanks.