SaveToHTML routine in TMSFMXGrid

Am using FMX Pack for FireMonkey
Am using Delphi Berlin.
Android device is a Nexus 7.  Android version 4.2.1

I get an Android error when calling TMSFMXGrid1.SaveToHTML.
(Note : I do have code which works for FireMonkey on Windows)

  {sDirectory := TPath.GetDocumentsPath;} {didn't work}
  sDirectory := TPath.GetHomePath;

  IsShow    := True;
  IsUnicode := True;
  sName     := 'RptActiveUsersInAPeriod.html';
  sFileName := sDirectory +
               System.IOUtils.TPath.DirectorySeparatorChar +
  TMSFMXGrid1.SaveToHTML(sFileName, IsShow, IsUnicode);

This is the Android error I get:-

  android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found
to handle intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=/data/
RptActiveUsersInAPeriod.html }.

Any ideas on how to get this working on Android?


The latest version of the TMS FMX UI Pack ( should fix the ActivityNotFoundException.

Thank you. I will download this new version.

I have now tried the TMS FMX UI Pack (

I still get the problem on my Nexus 7. The message is slightly different. It now says:-

   "...  VIEW dat=file:///data/data/com ..."

Do you have a HTML viewer registered on your Android device?

I have the app Chrome.
Is that what you mean by an HTML viewer?

In another part of my program I can see a web page.

How do I register a HTML Viewer?


We have applied a fix for this issue, the next version will address this.