SaveToCSV partial grid


Is it possible to specify the range to be exported by SaveToCSV function? For example, I would like to skip the first two columns.



With properties grid.SaveStartCol / grid.SaveEndCol a,d grid.SaveStartRow, grid.SaveEndRow you can select the range of cells to be exported to CSV

Hi Bruno,

Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately, I'm getting an error that those properties are not accessible. I'm using C++ Builder 10.3 Rio  with TAdvStringGrid


Sorry, I interpreted this incorrect.
grid.SaveStartCol / grid.SaveEndCol a,d grid.SaveStartRow, grid.SaveEndRow  are indeed at this moment read-only properties. These are controlled by grid.SaveFixedCells/grid.SaveFixedCols/grid.SaveFixedRows that control whether to export including or not including fixed columns or fixed rows.
We'll look to make this more flexible in a future update;

Hi Bruno,

The reason I asked is because the grid that I'm exporting to CSV has nodes. Therefore, the final output has an empty column (the one that relates to the node icon) at the beginning. That is why I was looking for a way to skip the first column. For example, when printing I use the SelectCol() method with PrintSelection() to avoid printing the node icon. 
I know that one solution is to copy the partial grid to another grid and then export. But I would like to leave this as my last resource.

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We will introduce an overload with which you can specify the rectangle to export to CSV

That is great. Thank you very much