Save text in TBlob field


I have a TXDataWebDataSet connected to an XData server that uses Aurelius to connect to a table that has a TBlob field that receives text; when trying to save a new record I'm doing the following (simplifying):

XDataWebDataSetTitle.Value := WebEdit1.Text;
XDataWebDataSetTexto.Value := WebMemo.Lines.Text;

The record is normally recorded in the database, but the "Texto" field is "scrambled", I tried XDataWebDataSetTexto.AsString, and it was the same, any tips on how to proceed?

Thank you for your attention!

Hi Marcos, using blobs with Web Core and XData requires some manual conversions, especially because you need to deal with binary blobs and text blobs differently. This topic provides a demo that shows how to properly deal with blobs.