Samples install location


With the TMS VCL UI Pack, the samples are currently installed to:

Users\Public\Public Documents\tmssoftware

This path is usually on the system drive (C:). On my system, and I'm sure many others, this drive is on an SSD and I like to keep it free of any clutter. Would it be possible in future installations to request a path for the samples install, or to install them into a sub-directory of the TMS VCL UI Pack, as the installation does allow control of where that directory is created.



Dear Mr. Thomas

We will have to check with the developer if it is feasible and the timeframe to revision our installer to change the demo directory.

Kind regards
Vanhouwaert Gjalt

This might be a valuable tip to change your user documents folder (where our samples are installed)
Hi Bruno, Gjalt and others,

By company policy, our user folder are mapped to a Network Drive. This makes the install process even slower, because of the network overhead.  

The work-around Bruno have shared can work for some of your clients, but not all of them.

Do you have a timeframe of when the installer will be reworked?

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Thanks for your time,
Kinds Regards.

That doesn't work for the User "Public", which is owned by the System account. Whilst it is possible to do so by changing permissions, or by creating a junction, this is not desirable.


I do not have a timeframe.

Since our install script is a common script used for all products, changing this has a potential huge impact, so, such changes need to be done very carefully and with a lot of considerations.