sample of M/D with webcore

As subject have a sample that use entities and XData components of webcore to make and manage a M/D relation between two tables ? I dont understand associations ...


Here is an example. (66.2 KB)

I don't understand how use entity or datasetfield and i how can create automatically entity map file ... there is a complete guide to do this ?

Better : how manage M/D relations (client side) between 2 tables with TXDataWebEntityField on the detail table ?

More : is possible auto-create mapping with aurelius with datasetfield on master table or i must change code manually after creation ?

Have you checked the demo I sent you? Do you have specific questions about it?

yes how to create mapping (in automatic) with datasetfield on the master table ? or i must do it manualy?

i've sent a mail with entity map

You code seems to be generated by Data Modeler, so in this case you can ask Data Modeler to add the many-valued association in this section:

Select and check the Many-Valued Association you want to add to mapping and it will be generated. In the case of your mapping, you have this:

    [ManyValuedAssociation([TAssociationProp.Lazy], CascadeTypeAllRemoveOrphan)]
    function Get_DOC_MOV_MAG_R: TList<TDOC_MOV_MAG_R>;

But then in your mapping you didn't add the ForeignJoin column, which you should do, as specified here:

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No problem wagner, as you want, did you see my demo ? My big problem is to insert new record with datasetfield configured on entity generated on the server side... Thx

Yes, I saw it.