Sample code in Youtube videos


I saw some demonstration for aurelius in youtube. (My Top 10 Aurelius Features)
Can i get that demo source?

Basic demo source in Aurelius is too Simple.

p.s : when do you release next version?? (with fixed DBIndex bug)

Can you please be more specific at what source code are you referring to? My Top 10 Aurelius Features is a series of 10 videos, and most of them just mentioning features and/or showing pieces of code.

Next version will be released maximum next week. You are referring to the fact DBIndex is only created when UpdateDatabase is called two times?


Sample code is too simple. just show [Entity, Automapping] and Proxy..
code in youtube videos, example for Inheritance and others. 
i want to more detail example code. like in youtube videos.
(Not only documents...)

DBIndex bug mean is i posted few days ago~ topic with title "PostgreSQL 11 isn't support???"

Thank you.

p.s : sorry my poor english. it's not my major language.

There is a MusicLibrary demo in Aurelius distribution, have you checked that? It's a "full" application (sample, of course) but it's more complex that just code snippets. If you have a specific question about a feature, just let us know.

A new version will be released next week.

I already know that demo code.

it's just show [Entity, Automapping] code.
Sample in video shows realize inheritance and something else.

You can download source code from here:

Thank you for your answer and code.

It's very useful for me.