Running CloudStorageServiceDemo on Google Pixel gets Socket Error # 13 Access Denied

Running CloudStorageServiceDemo on Google Pixel results in this exception on the device:

Socket Error # 13 Access Denied

The Internet permission is checked in the project.

Did you specify the correct callback URL in your developer console as well as the service? Which service did you choose and did you correctly configure it?

Yes. I modified the CloudStorageServiceDemo to include a button which fills in the ID, secret, and callback URL for Dropbox in this case. Running it on Windows works with the exact same settings.

This socket error happens when trying to connect. Authorization hasn't yet begun.

Which callback URL did you use?

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  edClientID.Text := '73m**********';
  edSecret.Text := '5o5n*********';
  edCallBackURL.Text := '';

You need to use a port that is open. The default http port is 80 which is already allocated. Please use for example 8888 as a port in the callback URL:, and also specify this in your service settings

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