Run Google Drive on Second tier


I have successfully setup the Google Drive "CloudStorageDemo" and gotten access to my google cloud drive.  That being said, I'm still learning the component, so please excuse this if it's a real stupid question due to my lack of knowledge. 

I have an application that once a day the database and other app related files are backed up (external USB storage at the moment).  Once normal backup is complete (normally just three files), I'd like to upload those files to Google Drive.  I'd like this to be a full automatic process with no user input (on the second tier).  The second tier runs within a Windows service, so there isn't any user interaction. 

Here's what I'm thinking and want to get feedback on whether it will work or not.

1.  On the client side application, the user will authenticate the account/app with their credentials to get access to their Google drive using my app id/info.   
2. I'll take the various pieces of information from the client when they authenticate successfully such as user credentials, and access tokens and store them in the database.
3.  When the backup process takes place, I'll take the info from step 2 and connect to Google drive, and upload the backup files. 

I know these components were designed to run client side, but in this case, I'd like to use the available cloud storage to do an off site backup.  

What's your input as far as this being feasible?  I'd like this to run weeks/months on end without user interaction.  


What you describe is feasible. In the case of Google drive, it will be important to refresh the access token at regular intervals. The Google access token has a 3600sec lifetime but it can be refreshed by code.