rtl240 error after upgrade


I recently upgraded from an older TMS component pack to the new VCL UI Pack. Most everything seems to be working except for one window that has a TPlanner component in it. When I go to create the window, I get a rtl240.bpl exception. Looking at the call stack, the error is happening in Planner::TPlannerIems:::SetConflicts.

If I remove the TPlanner component from the form it displays properly. If I delete the TPlanner component and add a new one then the error still happens.

I also created a new Form with just a planner component on it. If I try to create that form I get the same error.

I created a small test program and I can't get the error to happen in it; the form is rendered ok.

Any suggestions for other things to try?


Can you try to see if setting public property 

  planner.ConfNonGen := true;
in the form create to see if this helps?
I forgot to mention I am I am using C++Builder 10.1.

I added

void __fastcall TTesterForm::FormCreate(TObject *Sender) {
  Planner1->ConfNonGen = true;

and got the same error.

Then we will need more details how we can reproduce this.

I have a project built that exhibits the problem. What's the best way to get it to you?The ZIP file is 20k.

Please isolate the problem and send a project + steps to reproduce via email