RTL200.bpl missing in XE7 package

Hi there,

I'm doing a test-install of the TMS Security System into Delphi XE7, and RTL200.bpl (among other 200-series bpl packages) is seemingly required for the installation of the package. The package installation fails, and no demos can be loaded.

These 200-series bpls are not present on my XE7 installation -- it seems that Embarcadero has moved to the 210-series (RTL210.bpl, etc.) in their latest version of RAD Studio/Delphi.

Can you confirm that this issue will be addressed, or if you have any work-arounds, please let me know.


John Bennett

I double checked our package files here and can't see a dependency on RTL200.bpl.
You can inspect TSSUIDXE7.DPK and you should see a reference in the requires list to RTL.bpl

The same applies for package TSSCOREDXE7.DPK
Can you check if something didn't inadvertently changed these references in the requires list?


Thank you very much for the quick reply. Please note that I am using the Trial version of your Security System components on a test PC: I'm not sure if this makes a difference.

On the first run of Delphi XE7 after installation (and a reboot, just to be sure), I get the message "Can't load package C:\Program Files (x86)\tmssoftware\TSS\tssuideXE7.bpl". When attempting to install the package from the Component menu, I notice that the "TMS Security System Components" is left unchecked: When I check it, I get the "Program can't start because rtl200.bpl is missing from your computer", followed by the same error above.

Any ideas?


Sorry, there was an error in the trial build script. This was updated now and XE7 specific trial is now available at: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/systemcontrols.asp