Row number

Good afternoon to all,

this can be the simply question you got .... but .... how can be made the row number in a AdvStringGrid ?

Sorry for this elementary question !

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I’m not sure I understand your question correctly.
Can you please explain exactly what you would like to do.

Are you referring to AdvStringGrid.RowCount?


j read again my post ... and your're rigth ... is not so clear.

J'm sure that all is under my eyes but j'm not able to get it !

How it's possible show the numer of the row in column 0 ??

J tryed with onDrawCell but the result is very poor !

J think that you made an option for this .... but j'm not able to get it !

Thank's again



Did you try grid.AutoNumberCol(0); ?


so simple, so difficult !

J miss this call !!!!

J give you a coffe with chocolate !

Thank's again

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