Rotating Block with DefaultTextCell (TextCells[0]

Hello everybody
I attached a 'R' to a block, see attached figure.
I located the Letter 'R' just under the block, for this I used the folowing code:
Alignment = taCenter

When I rotated the Block by 180 deg (RotateFont=true) I got the letter 'R' written UpsideDown!

I tried to define (RotateFont=false) the Letter is Shifted up ... not nice

Anyone can help me solve this problem?!


I'm not sure to what product this applies?
Are you referring to TMS Diagram Studio? TMS FNC Blox? Other?

I'm assuming this is TMS Diagram Studio, not sure why post was created under a "Feature Requests" since it's a support question.

Please provide a project reproducing the issue, as we don't know exactly how you implemented it.

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