Rotate picture in DBAdvPicture

Is there a way to rotate a picture in the control before it is loaded into the database?

Sorry, there is currently no such feature in TDBAdvPicture. We have rotation in TAdvGDIPicture (see Angle property) and would need to create a DB version of this component to make this possible.

There is a dbAdvGDIPPicture component that seems to work like DBAdvPicture but when I change the angle the image disappears. 

Do you choose an angle 90,180,270?

Yes, I used a button to set the angle to "angle +  90." When I step it around the image disappears until I get back to a multiple of 360 (or 0). 

I cannot see an issue.
What picture format do you use?
Is this a square picture?

It's a jpg from a digital camera and not square. If I set Stretch to false I get the upper left corner at 0 and 360 and the lower right at 180.

I suspect your picture is much larger than the area of TAdvGDIPPicture and in this case, after rotation, it goes out of view. We'll need to investigate a solution for this.

That is true. The picture is much larger, 2592x1944 pixels. The control is 390x459. If I scale the image to 15% and set Center to true and Stretch to false it fits and rotates properly. It seems that the image does not rotate around its center, especially when Stretch is true.

Unfortunately, I don't control the image size and would prefer not to do additional scaling before I load it.

The rotation is indeed not around the center point. We'd have to modify the component to make it rotate around the center.