Right-To-Left support?


the Firemonkey (still...) doesn't support Right-To-Left languages...
before i decide to buy it, i wanted to know if the TMS Firemonkey Pack have fully support RTL.
(like the D.P.F pack does)

if i write something in Arabic or Hebrew, will it show up as good as it is in Delphi 32/64 ?



The TMS Pack for FireMonkey relies on the FireMonkey framework, which does not support RTL languages, while the DPF pack is built on native iOS controls, which support RTL languages out of the box. The TMS equivalent of the DPF pack is the TMS iCL Pack, which also supports RTL languages. 

thank you for your reply.

can i use the iCL for Android or is it only for iOS please?
or is it the mCL that i can use for the Android? (with RTL support)


iCL is only for iOS. mCL is for Mac OS

We currently do not have an Android package because there are technical limitations that prevent us from supporting a native Android component set.

Pieter Scheldeman2016-02-08 11:43:47

you meant the iCL is for iOS, right?

Correct, and post is corrected.

is there a plan for native Android pack?
if so, when do you think it will be ready please?

There is currently no timeframe for a native Android pack and we need to investigate the technical issue before we deciced to support a native pack for Android components.


well, if i'm going to sell my app in the mobile world, it would be best if it would be for both OS's, at the same time.

but thank you very much for your great help, and it was really cool to see how fast you answered me  :)

Thank you