Ribbon Control: Merge Ribbons

I would like to see a set of methods for merging ribbons.

For example, if I have a MDI Child form, I would like to place a ribbon on it with its appropriate commands in place. When the child is activated I would like to be able to "merge" the child ribbon with that on the MDI main form. When the child is deactivated I want to be able to "UnMerge" that same ribbon.

What exactly is the definition of a "merge" for a ribbon? Add/remove a toolbar on the ribbon? If so, you can do this programmatically, have you considered this?

Basically I would like to tell the main form's ribbon to merge in the child form's ribbon.

ie. Pages with the same names (or captions) wil merge together. (Toolbars get copied over.) Also if toolbars have the same name (or caption) they get merged together.
If there are pages or toolbars that don't match anything they simply get copied over.

We have added this on the feature request list for consideration and to see if there is a general interest in such functionality.

Thank you,

This functionality would also be useful for developers who use frames instead of mdi children.