Ribbon Application Icon + MainFormOnTaskBar


It appears that the TMS Ribbon applications (2007 & 2010) replace the application icon displayed in the taskbar with the blue 'TMS' icon if the setting Application.MainFormOnTaskBar := True; is added to the project file. Without the setting the icon is displayed OK, however I have issues with the taskbar preview image which this setting corrects.

Standard delphi VCL projects have this line included and keep the icon displayed in the task bar. Also, curiously a TMS Metro application doesn't lose the application icon when this line is added.

To reproduce you can create a new 2010 ribbon application. Set an application icon and run the project to verify the icon shows. Add the line "Application.MainFormOnTaskBar := True;" immediately after the application.initialize in the project file and you should see the icon replaced with TMS one.

Can you advise if this is a bug or is there some other way of achieving what I need.


We could not reproduce this issue by following the steps above, please provide more details or sample project.

Funny - I thought it was doing that so I played a bit more and understand (I think) what was happening.

I had set the application icon, but not the icon on the main form (which remained at the default TMS one). With the flag 'MainFormOnTaskbar := true' I presume that Delphi takes the main form and uses the icon from that instead of the application one. Changing the main form's icon to the same as the application gets me what I'm after.

So not a TMS issue - thanks for looking at this though.