Response.Result as AURL


I get a Response.Result from a service and like to load it via LoadFromJSon to a TWebStringGrid.

procedure TForm1.btnJSArrayClick(Sender: TObject);
   procedure OnResponse(Response: TXDataClientResponse);
      Grid_Abteilung.LoadFromJSON(); //AURL?
   XMyClient.RawInvoke('IData_xChangeService.Get_Abteilung_JSArray',[], @OnResponse);

Is it possible to link the Resonse.Result (TJSONArray) as an AURL to the LoadFromJSON of the TWebStringGrid?

Many thanks

Can't you just manually provide the directly URL of IData_xChangeService.Get_Abteilung_JSArray method to the LoadFromJSON method?

Perfect! In my example case it is 'http://localhost:8000/tms/xdata/Data_xChangeService/Get_Abteilung_JSArray'

Greetings Patrick

One more question. I am missing the Col Titles. I have a JSArray like below:

        "AbteilungsID": 10,
        "Abteilung": "Verkauf",
        "Test": "0"
        "AbteilungsID": 20,
        "Abteilung": "Anwendung & Entwicklung",
        "Test": "0"

But in the fixed frist Row I have not "AbteilungsID", "Abteilung", "Test". Can I insert the, too?

Many thanks.

P.S.: It is cool that this also works:

If someone is interested...

That's up to the server-side. I don't know how your server-side is implemented.