Resizing Images in Rich Editor

I'm using AdVDBRichEditor and have some problem with images puting by merge. I managed with inserting them to the document, but have problem with resize them. Sometime they have bigger resolution and like to change width and height to adjust in the document. I need the higher resolution to have good printing quality.
Is there any solutiony using Rich Editor?


I'm not sure I understand your question.
Are you referring here to resizing programmatically or resizing via UI?
Programmatically, get the TPictureElement from AdvRichEditor.Content.Content and change its PictureWidth/PictureHeight properties to adapt the size.

Thank you so much Bruno,
That was what I was thinking about, but in real I'm not fluent working with AdvRichEditor.Context.Content.If you have some links to examples, I'll be grateful

It depends on how exactly you want to manipulate what picture.
If you select the picture for example, you can access it with

(Advricheditor.Selected as TPictureElement).PictureWidth
(Advricheditor.Selected as TPictureElement).PictureHeight