Resize diagram objects

I was looking to find a method to allow a diagram to be resized by dragging the edge.  Is there already a method I am overlooking to create drag handles on the edges to use as resizing points?

You mean resize the diagram itself? If yes, then it's not possible, the diagram is a window control itself, just like a panel or button

Thanks, Wagner.  I was wanting to be able to resize the components that make up the diagram, to get them to be a standard size.  When I do flowchart items, the size varies by the text inserted.  UML seems to do the same thing.  I had tried to grab the edge of some components within the diagram to enlarge them to match the size of other parts better, but that does not seem possible.  I can add extra space characters, but then future edit of the text gets messy.

Hi Charles, I don't fully understand.

Could you please maybe send an e-mail to our support sending some screenshots explaining what you want?

OK, will look into getting some screen shots together and send them in.

Sorry for the long response time.  Things in Houston are a bit crazy the last few weeks.  :-)